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CJ Berina for Congress

A Proven Track Record of Success

From his small business Collective Lifestyle being named an “Outstanding Small Business” by the Small Business Administration & LA Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2017 to being elected an assembly delegate to the California Democratic Party, CJ has demonstrated a consistent ability to be successful. Whether it’s engaging the community through music and art events or helping fix our nation’s problems, CJ can get the job done.

Building the Community

CJ’s roots in the San Fernando Valley are strong, and he has dedicated his career to vitalizing and staying connected to this community, working for the Northridge Chamber of Commerce, serving on the Northridge South Neighborhood Council, and creating the Reseda Blvd Summer Series, for which he was given a certificate of recognition by the California State Assembly.

Growing a Movement

CJ is not your typical corporate Democrat; he is committed to building a progressive Democratic Party. Trump has moved this country backwards, and CJ recognizes that Trump’s extremism needs a strong progressive counter balance. He has a vision for a better world, with a green economy and infrastructure, Medicare for All, no more wars, and no more corporations in control of our government –– and he knows that a people-powered movement will get us there.

Solving Problems

As an entrepreneur, CJ has overcome countless obstacles throughout the years. Any good business owner knows that every problem has a solution –– and CJ is very good at finding them. He understands the problems facing our country, our people, and our Congress. CJ will apply his experience as an entrepreneur and community leader to find innovative and effective ways to solve our problems.

  • Medicare for All

    The United States of America pays more for healthcare than any other developed country and gets less for it. Our healthcare system is owned by insurance and pharmaceutical companies that get rich while restricting care, and the only way to fix this is by establishing Medicare for All and ensuring quality healthcare to everyone with no co-pays, no deductibles, and no premiums. In Congress, CJ will co-sponsor the Medicare for All bill and fight hard to get all of us the healthcare we deserve.

  • Green New Deal

    We know we’re in a crisis when every year that passes is the hottest year on record, and yet politicians refuse to do anything. Scientists have told us that we have 12 years to take drastic action or else human civilization will become unrecognizable and countless lives and communities will be lost. CJ supports the Green New Deal to take the serious action we need to save our environment and bring our economy into the future at the same time.

  • Money Out of Politics

    Corruption has been a virus in democracy since its foundation, but the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling in 2010 has super-charged its corrosive effects on our government. Nothing will get done until we stop the ability of corporations and wealthy individuals to buy our politicians, CJ will fight to repeal these laws and establish publicly funded elections so that our government can, finally, belong to the people and the people alone.

  • End the Wars

    Trillions spent and thousands dead since the tragic events of 9/11, and for what? Have our overseas adventures made us any safer? Or have they contributed to an environment of instability and extremism, here and abroad? CJ recognizes the wars we’re in for what they are –– misguided, unjustified, and counterproductive. He will work hard to end our disastrous wars and use the resources we spend on them to rebuild our infrastructure, fully fund our education system, and bring our economy and country into the 21st century.

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  • Who is CJ?

    CJ is a 29-year old progressive Democrat who was born and raised in Northridge, CA, attended Cal State University Northridge, and is tired of seeing a government that does not represent the people. He’s a successful award winning entrepreneur of a local store and community space on Reseda Blvd. He’s a community leader and organizer of the Reseda Blvd Summer Series. He has served on the Northridge South Neighborhood Council and is currently an Assembly Delegate for the California Democratic Party. And most importantly, he’s not taking any money from Corporate PACs, meaning he will represent the people, and not greedy corporations and special interests.

  • What is your platform about?

    1.Taking Immediate Action on the Climate Change Emergency

    The greatest risk that we as a human race face today is climate change. It’s a dire emergency that needs immediate action. Congress must act today to pass a Green New Deal legislation to transform our country into a green economy and infrastructure. Congress has taken too long on this issue and isn’t treating it like the urgent issue that it is. We need new leadership that will make this their top priority.

    2.Medicare for All

    -No Premiums, No deductibles, No co-pays, No surprise bills, No losing coverage.

    We must stand behind Medicare for All and guarantee that health care is a human right and not a privilege.

    3.Getting Money out of Politics

    The Supreme Court decision of Citizens United gave the wealthiest people and corporations to buy our government, which is resulting in our representatives representing the wishes of the rich and corporations instead of the people. It is ruining our country and our social democracy.

    CJ is committing to not taking money from any Corporate PACs. This means that CJ will act on behalf of the people instead of corporations and special interests.

    In the last election cycle, CJ’s opponent, Brad Sherman had $76,250 contributed from the Securities & Investment industry PACs, $51,500 from Real Estate PACs, $55,200 from Insurance industry, $11,000 from Health PACs, $16,000 from Commercial Banks, $23,500 from Finance/Credit Companies, $23,000 from the Defense Aerospace industry, and the list goes on. When you see this list you’ll realize why Brad Sherman might not sign on to Medicare for All so easily or why he will increase a military budget. He acts on behalf of his corporate sponsors and not on behalf of the people. We need a representative that will say no to corporate PACs and vote on behalf of our community’s needs instead of corporations.

    4.Ending useless wars and spending that money to reinvest in our communities and green infrastructure

    Over 50% of your tax dollars and the U.S. Federal budget is spent on Military spending. The United States spends over $500 billion dollars and more than the next 10 countries combined on military spending. We as nation must stop useless wars, then use that money to invest into our communities at home and  into our country’s green infrastructure to combat climate change.

  • How can I help?

    1.Donate to our campaign

    Unfortunately, since it takes money to win a campaign the number one thing you can do to help is to make a donation. Anything helps. It really does. Our corporate Democrat opponent, Brad Sherman, has over $2 million dollars on hand to discredit us, and they’re very afraid of progressive candidates like myself after seeing how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unseated Joe Crowley. And yes, he should be afraid of our campaign.

    Another thing you can do to help the progressive movement and take back our government is to only vote for candidates that are not taking money from Corporate PACs.

    Donate here. 

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    Support by liking our posts, sharing them, retweeting, subscribing on YouTube, giving us a thumbs up, etc. The more you do that, the more people will see our progressive message.

    3.Tell as many people about our campaign as you possibly can.

    This is more than just a campaign for a seat to represent the valley. This is about a progressive movement to take back our government from greedy corporations and special interests. This is about restoring faith in our government to make the right decisions on behalf of the people and not their corporate sponsors. The more people that know about our campaign, the more people can help make our dream a reality. Tell them about our campaign and tell them to give us a follow or donation too.


    This is a people-powered campaign. We’ll need all the help we can possibly get to defeat these corporate interests. You can volunteer from anywhere. Sign up to volunteer today here. 

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Betty Doumas-Toto

Membership Chair for Healthcare for All – California


Abel Pacheco

Seattle City Council


Michelle Manabe Verne

Chair of the Feel The Bern Dem Club SFV

Rachel Rosen Indivisble 30

Rachel Rosen

Indivisible Co-Leader for District 30 & Protest Organizer


Ankur Patel

Former Candidate for the California State Assembly for District 45


Tracy Buenavista, Ph.D

CSUN AAS Professor / Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership / CSUN DREAM Center

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Stephanie Schwinn

Former President & CEO of the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce

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Tim Morales

Local Activist


California’s 30th Congressional District

San Fernando Valley

Los Angeles, CA

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