Who is CJ?


CJ is a 29 year old Filipino-American who was born and raised in the Valley. He’s an award winning entrepreneur that opened a community space to promote fashion, music, art, and live events in the Valley. He has represented our community on the Neighborhood Council and in the California Democratic Party. He’s also organized community events that have brought together thousands of members of the Valley community in the name of peace, love, sustainability, and positive change.   Follow the timeline of his journey below to see why he’s a great fit to represent us in Congress.

2007 - Enrolls at Cal State University Northridge

Graduated from Alemany High School in Mission Hills

2010 & 2011 - Back to Back Academic Scholarship Recipient

Received the CSUN FASA Academic Scholarship for 2 years in a row.

2012 - President of CSUN FASA

Lead CSUN FASA (Filipino American Student Association), a top notable organization at CSUN  with 100+ general members and 15 board members in various subjects from academics, sports, cultural, community, fundraising, leadership, social, and more.

2012 - Cal State University of Northridge College of Humanities AAS Outstanding Leadership Award & Scholarship Recipient

Earned one of the top awards and scholarships from the CSUN AAS Department for serving in 8 various leadership roles in multiple clubs and organizations as a student.

2012 - Bachelor of Arts from the Cal State University Northridge

Received degree from the College of Humanities Asian American Studies Department

2012 - UCLA Extension Entrepreneurship

Continued further education at UCLA to learn how to start and grow a business using entrepreneurship techniques

2012-2014 - Northridge Invitational Tournament Director

Organized an annual sports tournament with over 500 athletes from over 50 teams from all over California with 7 different sports and divisions.

2014 - Startup Weekend Organizer for the Valley

Helped create a 54-hour environment that simulates life in a Startup business for San Fernando Valley entrepreneurs.

2014 - Started Collective Lifestyle

Collective Lifestyle was started with a mission of changing the world in a positive way.

2015 - Opened the Collective Lifestyle store on Reseda Blvd in Northridge with a purpose of bringing fashion, music, art, and live events to the Valley.

Served thousands of customers over 3 years of being open. Hosted over 100+ events with valley local musicians and artists. Hosted many local community organizations like Vocal Artillery, Open Kanvas, and more. Helped hundreds of brands and small businesses gain exposure and increase their business. Welcomed progressive, community, and activism events & groups into Collective Lifestyle, giving them a home and community space to have in the Valley.

October 2015 - Awarded “Business of the Month” by the City of LA Council District 12

Presented by Council District 12, Mitchell Englander’s office.

Feb 2016 - Was a judge on a “shark tank contest” panel for non-profits at LA Mayor, Eric Garretti’s house.

Invited to The Getty House to showcase Collective Lifestyle and to speak on stage as a judge for the Great Streets Challenge.

2016-2108 - Awarded 3 $15,000, $10,000, and $8,000 grants from the City of LA to create the Reseda Blvd Summer Series

CJ formed the Reseda Blvd Summer Series which was 15 nights of events throughout 3 summers with themes of peace, love, sustainability, and positive change. The Summer Series was intended to activate art and music culture in the San Fernando Valley. The Reseda Blvd Summer Series was a culmination of live musicians, artists, dancers, food trucks, poetry, local small businesses, and more fun surprises. It helped give a platform to hundreds of local musicians, artists, small businesses, and more to gain more exposure to thousands of attendees in the San Fernando Valley. The Summer Series also activated hundreds of youth volunteers from local valley high schools from Granda Hills, Cleveland, Monroe, Northridge Academy, Van Nuys, and even the local college of CSUN involved to serve their community.

May 2016 - Named a “2016 Outstanding Small Business” by the U.S. Small Business Administration presented by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Collective Lifestyle was named as 1 of 26 Outstanding Small Businesses in Los Angeles for Small Business Week at City Hall.

2016 - Served on Northridge Vision 2025 committee

Sat on the Northridge Vision Committee to help facilitate creative and sustainable development in the Northridge community.

2016 - Worked for the Northridge Chamber of Commerce

Helped organize Chamber of Commerce operations and outreach to local businesses in the Chamber.

July 2016 - Elected to the Northridge South Neighborhood Council for a 2 year term

Served as a volunteer on the Neighborhood Council as the Business Stakeholder

October 2016 - Featured in an Uproxx.com video on how to make rundown neighborhoods more beautiful without gentrifying them

CJ was featured with LA Mas, a non-profit urban design collective that helps lower-income underserved communities, and community leader & founder of LA’s Clean Streets Clean Starts program Don Larson that received over 50,000 views within the 1st week.

July 2017 - Received a certificate of recognition by the California State Assembly

Recognized for bringing the Reseda Blvd. Summer Series to the community. It mentions that it brought the people of the Valley together and showcased the Valley’s diverse art and culture.

May 2018 - Collective Lifestyle Reached 3 years in Business in Northridge on Reseda Blvd

Under CJ’s vision, Collective Lifestyle was able to survive 3 years in business in a tough retail environment before deciding to move the business online.

January 2019 - CJ was elected as an Assembly Delegate for the California Democratic Party

CJ joined the San Fernando Valley Progressive Slate to represent District 45 in the California Democratic Party for a 2 year term.

August 2019 - CJ announces run for Congress in 2020

Motivated by a lack of action in Washington and a strong willingness to help change the world in a positive way, CJ announced his run for Congress. CJ is running on 4 main priorities of 1.Taking immediate action on Climate Change 2.Getting money out of politics 3.Medicare for All 4.Ending wars to spend that money on our own communities and green infrastructure. CJ’s campaign will also be planting a tree for every $100 dollars in donations received to help lower Co2 emissions and to combat climate change.

How else can I help?


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